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February 06 2017

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*pretends I’m reblogging this for fun but I’m really reblogging this because I’m super fucking paranoid*


Timer on

I’m reblogging this because the quarter on the right has a fucking Pinocchio nose


January 23 2017

December 26 2016

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This is the money abuelita, reblog this in the next five minutes to receive the best news of your life

Bruh this a new one gotta try it out

I scrolled past and then scrolled back up :-/

This so cute

Abuela plz.

This really helped me get art commissions during the holidays

November 09 2016

<iframe src=“https://vine.co/v/iZJVqul2vOr/embed/simple” width=“600” height=“600” frameborder=“0”></iframe><script src=“https://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js”></script>



This website is like a suicide hotline but with text chat instead.  I would appreciate it if you guys helped spread the word.

I’ve used this before and the person I was chatting with was very kind and helpful. I really could have hurt myself seriously if I hadn’t seen a tumblr post about the site… Phone calls and I don’t do so well together



“Third Party voters won’t affect the total at all!”

Florida 2016: *has third parties siphoning off 100k+ votes with a 100k point difference between Trump and Hillary.*

if you voted third party in florida i am ok with you getting hit by a bus at this point


i genuinely don’t believe there are trump supporters who are good people. if you knowingly support someone who, as president, would make life less safe for women, lgbt+ people, disabled people, people of colour and poor people, you’re not a good person. 




Are so many people in America more scared of emails than a racist, homophobic, woman hating, sexual predator?

Apparently yes.

My thoughts exactly.



seriously though, US comrades…as we speak your local fascists are making plans. You need to make some too

Yo, organize.




no offense but if you’re not american then stop making smug comments about how shitty america is… we know it’s shitty…. this election is shitty. everything’s shitty. focus on the shittiness of your own country

Yup, and it’s not going to be nearly so fucking funny to you when you see what a completely republican controlled US government in ALL THREE BRANCHES does to foreign policy.

You should be crying with us.



protection spell for lgbt+ Americans in light of the election
Like to charge, reblog to cast

July 10 2016





“But if you forget to reblog Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.”


not even risking that shit

scrolled past this, re-evaluated my life, then SCROOOLLLED back up and hit the damn reblog button. 

  1. She ain’t no games in real life so I take her serious all the time
  2. Anyone with a name that starts with a “Z”, ends with an “i”, and isn’t some kind of Italian pasta, IS SERIOUS
  3. I’m not climbing no mountain with a pig on my back, 🙅🏽🙅🏾🙅🏿 Negative.

June 16 2016

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jeremy_zag: New Kwami means new superhero!? 🤔…. hummm… Maybe! 😋👍 Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 is coming guys !!!! #miraculousladybug #zagheroez#zagtoon

June 15 2016








Disassociation is a trip, man. I’ve been with my girlfriend for eight years, we’ve been living together on and off for the entire time, but yesterday I was having a bad day and she was working late. After two hours of wondering where she was, I started thinking that I made her up and that I’d been living alone the whole time. So I had to look for evidence that she existed at all and my brain kept coming up with excuses like ‘no, you bought that’ ‘that second computer is yours, not hers,’ ‘you’re the one with the BB-8 obsession.’ And every time I was like ‘no that’s ridiculous’ my brain would counter with:

‘….is it?’

Like… I KNEW I was disassociating, which is the ridiculous part. And when she came it was over but like… seriously? Why are you like this, brain? Why do you do this to me?

I’ve had this happen sometimes too. o_o Dissociation is a special kind of very weird, uncertain hell.

Like… its better now that I know what it is and I can mostly talk myself through it, but for the past few days I’ve been too tired to take proper care of myself and yesterday interrupted the routine just enough to be a problem. And I keep thinking like… man… if this had happened when I was younger and didn’t know what kind of a fuck up my brain was having, I would be in trouble. 

holy shit, i’ve had that same thing happen and i didn’t know what caused it?? like one of my friend’s ran away from home after deleting all social media & that was like three years ago and none of my other mutual friends talk about him for whatever reason so i always end up convinced that he didn’t actually exist.

Welcome to the fucked-up problems a brain can have, friend-o. Object impermanence is one of those things that can mess you up, especially if you’re not having a good brain day. 

Yeah. It hits me when I’m too tired and too stressed, and when I’m not experiencing it I don’t always remember that I experience it, but when I do it’s like I can’t remember when I haven’t been dissociated and it’s like, is my entire life real? How did I even get here? Whose body is this and is time even passing or did I imagine that too?

But memories are weird things that encode based on what state you’re in at that moment, and they’re most accessible from that same state later. Reasonably this means that in a dangerous situation your fastest recall is going to be how you survived previous similar situations, which is great – but from a dissociative state you just get a lot memories of other dissociative times, which you can’t usually even bring to mind without a lot of work, and it’s the opposite of helpful.

Brains are delicate and strange and very, very confusing to have.

When I’m at work or in a public place and it happens, I can put myself on autopilot and sail through the rest of the day, but it is SO TIRING and by the time I get home I’ve made it worse just by all the energy i’ve spent from it. Like… yesterday, I had to prove to myself that I didn’t make her up and the only solution I could think of was to drive to her workplace and see what happened. That’s about when she came walking up the sidewalk and I was like…. ‘duh.’ 

But the good thing is knowing that I’m not the only person whose brain just fucking does this from time to time. So I mean… its not ‘normal,’ but I’m not alone.  

gifs are not witchcraft


The other day I was showing my bff some of the stuff I made with ps and while he was very enthusiastic about it, he also said something that made me think:

“Is this hard to do though? I have no idea how photoshop works, so I don’t know if this takes a lot of time and skills or if it’s something that anyone could do in five minutes.

I snorted pretty hard at the “five minutes” part, cause I wish, but then it occurred to me that most people are probably like my best friend, and having no idea how we do what we do, take for granted our gifsets (which are indeed not made through witchcraft, though I’m convinced some of us must have sold their soul to the devil).

I’ll forever remember that one person that commented under a colour porn gifset of mine “wow, I didn’t remember this movie was so bright and colourful!”

… That’s cause it wasn’t. I made it that way. Everytime you see a gifset, someone made it that way. Bright, dark, very pink, very red (or in my case very cyan), very colourful.

And it’s not just a matter of choosing all the scenes to gif (and consequently capture all those screencaps, decide where to crop them, resize them and, only after that, beginning the adventure that is colouring).

There’s a huge difference in what a movie/video looks like before we get our hands on it and after, and I think that’s probably one of the things that people who don’t make gifs tend not to realize.

Let me show you!

This is a gif of a scene taken from Iron Man 2. The only thing I did was resize it to 500pixels. This is what the actual movie looks like:

this is the exact same scene after I coloured it and applied my sharpening settings:

Now what you may think is “you just made it bright!” 

It took me 12 layers of careful adjustments to just make it bright (which is not all that I did, btw) while trying not to bring out pixels (impossible with a scene as dark as this one) while at the same time trying my best to keep it under the 2mb limit (over which you can’t upload your gif on tumblr or it won’t move), and trying not to whitewash Rhodey as I lighten everything else. Let me tell you, none of this is particularly easy. It’s not impossible, but it’s not something you learn in five minutes.

Here’s another example:

actual movie:

colour porn:

Now the point of this post is that I’m hoping that people will see and understand that there’s a lot of work and effort on our part to make these gifs, so that everyone can appreciate them. And yet we see that effort easily dismissed every day when our works are stolen and reposted and people have no qualms about rebloging them anyway, cause after all they’re just pretty pictures made with a computer, what’s the fuss. 

It took me two years of almost daily practice to get where I’m at now (and I still have a lot to learn), and that kind of attitude hurts me as a person before it hurts me as a content maker.

Blocking reposters and spreading the word doesn’t help much if things like this keep happening and no one cares.

This website is mostly made of gifsets and graphics (that’s not to undermine the importance of art and fics, I’m just saying that you see more gifs and graphics and photos than those other kind of wonderful content) and it would be a dream come true to see a bit more respect and appreciation for our category

Leave nice tags under someone’s gifset you really really liked. Tell them how much you loved how they used that particular song/quote on that particular character. How happy you are they’re making gifs about your favourite ship.

Encourage content makers, you’ll be rewarded with more content.

Be kind. Do not take us for granted, please.

June 02 2016

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May 22 2016





reblog this or you’ll have bad luck for 44 days and 12 nights

i would reblog this with no threat why you gotta be like that


give me the best of luck lil turtle 

March 09 2016

A Crash Course in Warding


Let’s just start a series of crash courses in witchcraft, since sometimes we need to learn things the quick and dirty way. Today, let’s talk about wards.

What are wards?
Wards are protective energy barriers. They keep things out. You can place them around your home, certain rooms, even on certain objects. With practice and clear intentions, you can focus the wards to block out everything or only certain things. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Why should I ward my space and my things?
Wards can keep out all sorts of things you don’t want in your home. They can block out negative entities, wayward spirits, mischievous entities, demons, and (if you’re really good at what you’re doing) even gods. Some people ward their divination tools so they know there are no spirits tampering with the results.

So what do I need to do first?
Cleanse. This is very important. Wards are kind of like walls, or perhaps more accurately, bubbles. If you don’t clean the space first, you might trap things inside your ward bubble. You do not want that. There are lots of methods of cleansing, from burning sage to spritzing oil-infused water. Find a method you’re comfortable with and cleanse everything you’re going to be warding.

I’ve cleansed my home/item. Now what?
Now we ward. I’m going to give you a couple methods. Let’s start with my favorite, incense warding.

Incense warding can also be done with spritzes of water/essential oil blends or herb-infused water if you can’t have smoke in your space. Whichever you’re using, you want to have a blend of protective herbs. Bay leaves, cinnamon, ginger, mustard seed, and salt are some great options that you can find in the grocery store, no fancy witch shop necessary. If you’re using incense, make sure you’re using natural incense and not super cheap stuff that’s artificially scented. The magic is in the herbs, and you won’t get that from fake scents.

How to Incense/Spritz Ward an Item

  • Smoke or spray item.
  • Visualize the smoke or spray clinging to the item and wrapping around it like a tight blanket, protecting it from anything that would cause harm (or interference, etc.).

How to Incense/Spritz Ward Your Space

  • Pick a place to start. I always start at my altar, but it’s up to you. If you’re doing multiple floors, start either at the top or bottom floor.
  • Moving continuously to your right, smoke or spray along the walls and door frames. As you go, imagine a barrier being formed around the walls, ceiling, and floor, pushing outwards to fill the room. Visualize the smoke or spray forming the barrier to keep out anything that will do you harm. [If you have a hard time with visualization, you can simply focus on the intent of the smoke or spray keeping things out.]
  • Keep moving right, following the layout of your home, making sure you get all the closet spaces. You basically want to outline the entire area you’re protecting, whether it’s you’re room or your whole house.
  • For multiple floors, repeat on each level.
  • For big layouts where there are rooms in the middle, go around those rooms as well.
  • I like to reinforce the wards over outside doors, windows, and mirrors. These are all passages of sorts, and when I reach them, I use the incense to draw a pentagram in the air over them. This is entirely up to you.
  • You’re done when you’ve reached the point where you began.

So why do we go to the right? Is that important?
Kind of. Going to the right is like going clockwise. It’s about making things and progression, where going to the left or counter-clockwise is about deconstruction or reversal. [I read this idea in a witchy book a long time ago and will try to find a source when I can. If you honestly don’t feel it makes a difference, do whatever you’re comfortable with.]

Can I place wards that keep out certain things but not others?
Sure. When you’re going around your space/warding your item, your intent is what’s important. I like to ward out entities that mean harm - it’s nice and general and doesn’t keep the fae out. Some people might want certain spirits and not others. Have your intentions clear in your mind as you place your wards.

That’s neat and all, but what are some other ways to ward?
Let’s list a few.

Symbol/Sigil Wards

  • Choose (or make) a symbol or sigil that has protective properties. I’ve done this with Pluto’s astrological symbol because I worship him and it’s my way of being like, “Hey, Pluto. Please protect me, kthanxbai.” Pentagrams are nice and basic witchy/pagan symbols if you like them.
  • Draw the symbol over doors and windows. You do not literally have to draw it. It can be in water, incense smoke, or just your finger against the surface if you want.
  • As you’re drawing, make sure you have your intentions in mind - that nothing harmful can pass through this door, that the windows remain closed against entities, etc.

Energy Bubbles (if you have control over your energy)

  • Pick an item - any item.
  • Get your warding intentions in mind.
  • Channel lots of energy into the item. Visualize it emanating from the item in a bubble to fill your space.
  • If you’ve got mad skillz, you can form the bubble to the walls and be super exact with where its barriers are.

Vocal Wards

  • If you like spoken (or thought) spells, come up with a small chant to protect your space.
  • You can repeat this chant as you focus on your item being protected or as you walk around your home, protecting every room.
  • This is really great to incorporate into basically any other form of warding and gives your magic an extra bit of oomph.

I’ve heard wards can “fade” over time. True or false?
Wards are just energy. Like all energies, they can disperse and weaken over time, or if something particularly nasty puts effort into destroying them. Redo your wards every so often (I do mine every few months, but it’s up to you), and especially before spiritual interactions. I also like to do mine after I’ve had lots of company, to kind of clear out family’s lingering energies and reinforce what I don’t want in my house.

In general, the intent of your wards is the most important part. Know what you want to keep out. This concludes our crash course on warding. Now go forth and protect some stuff!

February 08 2016

May 01 2015

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pearl lookin dapper in my new favorite outfit

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